PURPOSE • Pacific Grapefruit • Luxury Luminary Collection by DearJames®

$ 37.50

A Delicate Scent Worthy of Your Inspiration: PURPOSE


"PURPOSE is in every expression of your being.  It is both the motive and meaning behind every intention. Some will know their purpose immediately: others will spend a lifetime discovering it. Ever-changing, the beauty in PURPOSE lies in its discovery and experience."


Wafting winds from the Pacific combine with the luscious green grove in the distance where the unmistakable fragrance of warm, sweet, sunlit grapefruit permeates the landscape. "PURPOSE • Pacific Grapefruit" is an uncompromisingly delicate yet tacitly tart composition.


Each candle is more than a scent: it is an intention, a reminder, a reflection, a memory. Decoratively wrapped and packaged, it is accompanied by a printed keepsake of the inspirational message associated with each chosen word and scent. This elegant collection is a reminder to always Wrap Yourself In Goodness®.


Approximately 9 oz. of Inspiration in each 3.13" x 3.13" frosted white glass holder with an approximate burn-time of 45-50-hours. Hand poured in the U.S.A comprised of a soy, coconut and paraffin wax. A portion of the net proceeds from each purchase goes to the DearJames Charitable Foundation.


More Than A Scent...Inspiration!

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