FAITH • White Orchid • Luxury Luminary Collection by DearJames®

$ 37.50

A Signature Scent Worthy of Your Devotion: FAITH


"FAITH is more than conviction: it is an unwavering belief in something greater than your Self. Contained within its expression is a deep-seated knowingness, trust, and belief in something: even when tangible proof may be elusive."


With an air of mystery: "FAITH • White Orchid" evokes alluring notes of tuberose, wild orange, and gardenia. This luscious fragrance will leave you spellbound.


Each candle is more than a scent: it is an intention, a reminder, a reflection, a memory. Decoratively wrapped and packaged, it is accompanied by a printed keepsake of the inspirational message associated with each chosen word and scent. This elegant collection is a reminder to always Wrap Yourself In Goodness®.


Approximately 9 oz. of Inspiration in each 3.13" x 3.13" frosted white glass holder with an approximate burn-time of 45-50-hours. Hand poured in the U.S.A comprised of a soy, coconut and paraffin wax. A portion of the net proceeds from each purchase goes to the DearJames Charitable Foundation.


More Than A Scent...Inspiration!

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