What's In a Name?

$ 9.95

The only one of its kind in the world, the "What's In a Name" aka "Name Advisor" report can analyze up to 8 names at a time .

Covering everything from name changes to baby names to business names to product names, city names and other location names to pet names, phone numbers, car license plates, pen or stage names to book titles and much much more, this report analyzes things from the perspective of how a particular name will be received by others.

Unlike the Personality Profile & One-Year Forecast Reports, which also analyze names, the "What's In a Name / NameAdvisor" report looks at it from a very different perspective; not how the name effects the bearer of that name, but how it affects those who come in contact with that name.

The "What's In a Name / Name Advisor" report analyzes the various energies and influences a name or number or combination thereof, has on the human psyche.

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