I AM - The Face of Divinity

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In this original 10" x 10" hard-cover book inspired by the Universe, we contemplate the age old question: WHO AM I?  The answer to this age-old question may lie in the very makeup of our Being.  Bestselling author, Gregg Braden, who wrote “The God Code,” advances the belief that the name of God is written in each cell of our DNA.

By assigning numeric values to each letter of the Hebrew and Aramaic languages, Gregg was able to correlate the elements of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon to their ancient alphabetic equivalent.

The letters of our human DNA are YHVH.  In these ancient languages, YH is God Eternal, and VH is Within the Body.  One could surmise then that God’s signature is imbued within the DNA of each one of our cells.  

Presuming we are indeed creations of the Divine, it would naturally follow that we are reflections of Divinity, regardless of our race, religion, color, creed, gender, origin or sexual orientation.  By moving beyond our differences to the divinity that lies within, we affirm we are God Eternal Within The Body and thus The Face of Divinity.

Accompanied with full-page, thought-provoking images, this book reflects the Universe’s eternal wisdom, insight, love and affection, of and for all of humanity.

Wisdom worthy of our consideration and contemplation.

Reflective truths by which to live, evolve, ascend, and transcend.

Nourishment for the heart, body, mind, and soul.

A reminder to always...

Wrap Yourself In Goodness®


Inspired Creations From The Universe

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