Intuitive Insights | Human Design Consultation

$ 250.00

Delve Deeper into your life questions with this Private Intuitive Insights | Human Design Consultation.

Included in this Offering is a:

30-Minute Intuitive Consultation with Intuitive DearJames® and a

30-Minute Human Design Consultation with Human Design expert TheLadyJaclyn.

Both consultations are performed via Zoom or telephone and are recorded for your future use and reference.

DearJames® is an Intuitive Advice Columnist, Radio Host, Author, and Consultant who provides

Intuitive Insight, Answers, & Advice…To Your Life Questions.

As an Intuitive | Clairvoyant, DearJames® aligns with The Unseen, Spirit, Source, & Symphony, in order to deliver divine wisdom, truth, and clarity to the real-life issues you face.

The purity of the experience is clear and unmistakable in every consultation; to provide you with the necessary wisdom, insight, tools, and knowledge to journey onward from a renewed and empowered perspective.

“The Wisdom of Your Soul Knows.”

TheLadyJaclyn is a Leadership Coach & Human Design Expert. Motivated by the belief that everyone is capable of more than they originally lead themselves to believe, & through her knowledge & experience in Marketing, Sales, Psychology & Human Design, Jaclyn offers leadership coaching & consulting solutions that are practical & empowering to guide individuals & company teams to real growth and success. 

Human Design is a powerful tool that brings clarity to a person's energetic identity, as well as specific tools they can use to live their highest expression as a human being. It offers insight into who you are, your true purpose, how to work with others, how relationships can be improved and so much more. It shows you what's possible, awakening you to your deepest truth. 

"It is my purpose & intention as a coach, to empower others to trust their inner knowing & intuition to awaken to their true potential and move through fear to amplify their impact both in business and their personal life.”

Together, DearJames®TheLadyJaclyn join forces to offer you greater Intuitive Insight and Human Design Guidance to your life questions.


Intuitive Insight, Answers, & Advice...To Your Life Questions


Disclaimer: Intuitive Consultations are for informational and entertainment purposes only and should never take the place of professional medical, legal, financial, psychological, and/or other professional services. DearJames LLC accepts no liability or responsibility for any action taken and/or not taken by an individual.

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